Portable Heated Blanket Instructions

Using your Rainbow Baby blanket is simple!

Inside your portable heated blanket are heating elements controlled by the illuminated button for it's 3 available heat settings. The blanket is powered by the provided POWERBANK (recharable multi-use battery) in a zippered enclusre that can even be removed to recharge or power your other USB devices.

To use your Rainbow Baby Portable Heated Blanket

  1. Remove all components from packaging.
    1. Blanket
    2. POWERBANK (Battery)
    3. Charging cord (for your POWERBANK)

  2. Plug POWERBANK charger into wall outlet with provided cord. Allow your POWERBANK to fully charge before use.

  3. After charging, plug your POWERBANK into your blanket through the zippered enclusre. Press & hold the Rainbow Baby button for 3 seconds to turn on. 

  4. Push to select desired heat setting
    1. Red: High
    2. White: Medium
    3. Blue: Low

Washing your Portable Heated blanket is even easier!

  1. Disconnect blanket power cord from POWERBANK battery.

  2. Remove POWERBANK from the zippered enclosure. The cord will remain inside the blanket.

  3. Machine wash blanket in cold water and on a gentle cycle.

  4. Tumble dry on medium heat. (Remove promptly from the dryer when finished). 

    You may also hand wash blanket in cold water / hang to dry.

  5. DO NOT USE blanket until completely dry & do not use ringer.