Our Story

Living in Ontario, Canada, we see all types of weather, including bitterly cold winters. As parents of 3 young children, we know how hectic it can be just getting out the door with everything you need, even for the shortest of outings. Between running from the house to the car, mall, appointments, grocery store, or doing an outdoor activity to keep the kids entertained, we also know how difficult it can be to keep everyone warm. In fact, back in 2018 we attended a Santa Claus parade with our first two children and faced that very challenge. We looked at each other and asked, “Isn’t there a portable heated blanket?”
We began our search to find a portable heated blanket only to find nothing was available. We then made a commitment that we would fix the problem that so many parents face. When we got home, we ripped apart an old heated contractors jacket and opened up one of our daughter’s tattered blankets. We took the components from the jacket and the old blanket to our upholstery friend who combined the two together. Boom! We had a prototype!
From that moment we started the process of sourcing the best materials and having our blankets professionally produced. People often ask why we named our brand Rainbow Baby. A rainbow baby is your first-born baby after a miscarriage. Well, as many first-time parents unfortunately experience, we lost our first child to miscarriage. Our daughter, Aubrey, is our rainbow baby so when we made the first prototype out of one of her blankets, we decided to name the brand Rainbow Baby.
Fast forward to now we continued to explore our passion of finding solutions for parents. We wanted to create a more affordable and accessible stroller wagon to hold our 4 children, (yes we had another!). We began designing and testing prototypes with materials to make it lighter and stronger. Finally the day came and we launched the Rainbow Baby Coupe (2-seater) and Amaze (4-seater) stroller wagon. Being parents of the north, we know the need to make something to battle the elements. That's why we wanted to make sure it included many accessories for parents such as the rain cover, bug net, and zippered storage basket. 

With so many frustrated moments of customer service in the years of being parents, we know we wanted to make this a priority for our customers. Our team has now taken what was once an idea to now being full time! We stock all our products locally, inspect everything that comes in and gets shipped out. Thank you for being part of our journey and we look forward to having you part of the Rainbow Baby family!