I found your product on a different website, is it real?
Nope! Our Blankets are currently only sold on our website. Any other retailers or distributors will be listed on on our site.

How do I charge my cell phone with the POWER BANK?
Charge your POWER BANK with the cord provided, when fully charged you can plug your cell phone into the POWER BANK with a USB cord. We also recommend that you only use the cord that came with your cell phone.

Is the POWER BANK approved in my country?
Our POWER BANK is approved in Canada, United States, Mexico, Australia and Europe.

How hot does the blanket get?
Our blankets heat settings are as follows
Low heat is 33 degrees
Medium heat is 37 degrees
High heat is 41 degrees

Can I use my own charging cord to charge the POWER BANK?
No, we do not recommend third party chargers we supply a charging cord in the box for optimal battery life and safety of the battery pack. Using third party charging cables will VOID warranty.

What is your warranty?
We offer a 1 year limited warranty. Normal wear and tear is not covered by Rainbow Baby. Please contact us at info@rainbowbabystore.com for warranty claims. 

Can I use the heated blanket on my baby?
We would not recommend using the heated blanket on anyone who is incapacitated, persons with health conditions including but not limited to diabetes and/or poor blood circulation or any persons who are unable to voluntarily remove the blanket.

Can I sit on the heated blanket?
Absolutely! Just avoid sharp creases! 

What comes with my Blanket?
Inside the box you will receive your Welcome card, Washing Instructions, Blanket, POWER BANK, and Charging cord.

My POWER BANK went through the washing machine, now what?
Unfortunately our POWER BANKS are not waterproof. Please contact us through our chat to order a replacement, DO NOT use the POWER BANK that went though the washing machine, dispose of POWER BANK safely.

Does the blanket only come in kids sizes?
No, the cotton blankets are 34x34inch, BUT the polyester blankets are 42x34 which is actually a very comfortable size for adults too!

What type of material is being used?
100% Cotton, and Polyester
Our Blankets are designed in Canada and responsibly manufactured in China.

What is your return policy? 
With any purchase you have 30 days for a full refund, to return your product please contact us at info@rainbowbabystore.com.
Customer pays for return shipping label.