RB4 Amaze 4-Seater Stroller Wagon (Knit Grey)

$1,249.00 CAD
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Introducing the Rainbow Baby Amaze 4 Seater Stroller Wagon – the epitome of convenience and comfort for modern families on the move! Engineered with care and crafted for versatility, our stroller wagon is designed to make every outing with your little ones an effortless and enjoyable experience.

    1. Feather-Light Aluminum Frame: Weighing in at just 47lbs, the Rainbow Baby Amaze is among the lightest in the market. Maneuvering through your daily adventures has never been this easy!

    2. All-Terrain Wheels: Tackling various terrains is a breeze with our stroller wagon's robust all-terrain wheels. From smooth sidewalks to off-road trails, your Rainbow Baby wagon ensures a smooth and comfortable ride for your little ones.

    3. Versatile Handling: Equipped with both push and pull handles, our stroller wagon offers flexibility in navigation. Choose the mode that suits your preference and enjoy the ease of steering this wagon wherever you go.

    4. Reclining Seats: Your child's comfort is our priority. The Rainbow Baby Stroller Wagon features reclining seats, providing a cozy and adjustable seating arrangement for your little ones to relax in style.

    5. Ample Storage with Zippered Compartment: Keep all your essentials organized with the spacious zippered storage compartment. From snacks to toys, everything has its place, ensuring a clutter-free and enjoyable ride.

    6. Removable Canopy: Shield your little ones from the elements with the easily removable canopy. Whether it's sunny or drizzling, the Rainbow Baby Stroller Wagon has got you covered.

    7. Padded Harness System: Safety is paramount. Our stroller wagon comes with a 3&5 point padded harness system to keep your children secure and comfortable during every journey.

    8. Rain Cover and Bug Net: Be prepared for any weather! The included rain cover and bug net offer protection from unexpected rain showers and pesky insects, allowing your family outings to continue, rain or shine.

    9. Foot Brake / Brake Bar: Ensure safety and control with the convenient foot brake or brake bar, giving you peace of mind when parked on inclines or during stops.

    10. Crawl Through Door: AKA Doggy Door! Make getting in and out a breeze for your little ones with the convenient crawl-through door, adding an element of fun and independence to their adventure.

    11. Drop-Down Interior Wind/Privacy Shades in Zippered Enclosure: Create a cozy, private space for your children with the drop-down interior wind and privacy shades, adding an extra layer of comfort and protection in the stroller wagon's zippered enclosure.

  • 54.5" max height
  • 58" max length (both handles at 90°)
  • 10" diameter front wheels
  • 12" diameter rear wheels

Folded / Collapsed

  • 44" max height (w/ removable wheels)
  • 22" max length
  • 29" max width (wheel to wheel)

Interior Wagon

  • 33" length
  • 20" width
  • 19" height


  • Carrying weight w/ seats 47lbs 
  • Bench seating weight capacity 99lbs
  • Total wagon cabin capacity 300lbs


  • Push handle 12”
  • Pull handle 10” 
  • Maximum weight capacity 5lbs per handle 

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Mrs. Kerri Popowich
Fantastic buy

We purchased this for our 7 year old with Down syndrome who is too tall for a regular stroller but still needs one as she tires to quickly to go without one. Fabulous customer service.

Ashley T.
Very impressed

We’ve have our rainbow baby wagon for a couple weeks now and have had the opportunity to take it out for a spin a couple of times (been rainy this week). So far it’s absolutely amazing! Steers and drives well and smooth. Kids all fit in it with room to spare! It’s beautiful and fits our families needs perfectly! Love everything about the wagon. It’s a bit stiff when you first get it but for us it has loosened up after unfolding it a few times. We expect this wagon is going to be tagging along with us as an essential item in a lot of our family outings! Hands down the best stroller I’ve ever owned. We have 4 children and so have owned a few strollers. This one is amazing! I would recommend this wagon stroller to anyone interested in a bigger (but manageable) stroller that needs room for children and bags and such. It really is the Cadillac of strollers. 5 stars because I don’t have anything negative to say about it! It truly is amazing!

Stacey Nash

Love this bought it for my daughter and her husband for my 1yr and 4yr old grandchildren and they are sooooo pleased great investment just saying!

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