How To Set Up My....

How do I set up my 2 Seater Coupe Wagon & 4 Seater Amaze Wagon?

To keep it simple here is a video and written instructions highlighting how easy and quick it is to set up your new wagon!

Take everything out of your wagon box:

  • Wagon
  • 2X bench seats
  • Canopy
  • Basket
  • Brake pedal
  • 2 Large rear wheels
  • 2 smaller front swivel wheels
  • Bug net
  • Rain cover 
  1. Flip wagon upside down, so that the wheel side will be facing
  2. Grab the two smaller wheels and pop those into the wheel holes.
  3. Next, grab the long brake pedal and take out the two C clips from the bar, insert the large wheels on each side and reattach the C clips- make sure they go all the way through. The C clips hold the wheel in place so make sure you clip them on top of the bar and not under the bar. (When the wagon is upright)
  4. Once the two large wheels are attached, you may now insert the brake pedal onto the wagon- be sure to have the brake facing the outside of the wagon.
  5. Flip the wagon onto its wheels. (This is easier with the help of someone else but not necessary)
  6. Grab your basket and hook it into the two holes under the push handlebar.
  7. Ensure the foot brake is locked by pressing down with your foot.
  8. Unhook the locking latch and open wagon.
  9. Insert seats and hook onto edges of wagon.
  10. Attach your canopy by putting each set of poles on each handlebar side. Slide the bars up or down for your preferred height or slide the canopy from side to side to get the best sun coverage.
  11. Adjust handlebars to your desired height.

Inside the blanket are heating elements that are controlled by the illuminated button for it's 3 available heat settings. The blanket is powered by the provided POWERBANK (rechargeable multi-use battery) in a zippered enclosure that can be removed to recharge or power your other devices through it's USB ports.

  1. Remove all components from packaging
    • Blanket
    • POWERBANK (battery)
    • POWERBANK charger
  2. Plug POWERBANK charger into wall outlet, attach power cord to POWERBANK, and allow it to fully charge
  3. Plug blanket into POWERBANK and zip close. Press & hold Rainbow Baby power button for 3 seconds to turn on
  4. Select desired heat setting
    • Red: High
    • White: Medium
    • Blue: Low