Portable Heated Polyester Blanket (Mint)

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Type: Blankets
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The Rainbow Baby portable heated soft polyester blanket is a wonderful addition for your day-to-day outings. Whether it’s in a wagon, waiting for a bus or taking in a hockey game at the arena, this blanket is guaranteed to keep you and your family warm!

Our soft polyester is perfect for children and adults alike. This blanket has 3 heat-settings for the perfect temperature on any given day and is powered by a multi-use POWERBANK that can also be used to charge any USB device.
These versatile blankets make greats gifts for everyone; including yourself!

Size / Dimensions: 43" x 35.5"

*Rainbow Baby does not recommend the power bank to be left in the blanket with any unsupervised child. If the Blanket is thrown or flung the power bank could cause serious injury. Use blanket with caution and keep the power bank and charging cable out of reach of children. *


  • Center heat zone for optimal heat coverage
  • Illuminated touch button (Low, Med, High)
  • 3 heat settings for the perfect temperature
  • Low: 33C/91.4F, Med: 37C/98.6F, High, 41C/105.8F
  • Up to 7 hours of heat on a single charge


  • Powered by a removable, multi-use POWERBANK
  • Concealed in a zippered compartment
  • 5200maH POWERBANK
  • POWERBANK can be used to charge other USB devices
  • All cables included for charging and heating of blanket
  • *Charging cables of accessories not included